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                     Keene's Crossing
                    Elementary PTO

Welcome! Our Parent Teacher Organization supports the education of children at our school by fostering relationships among parents, teachers, staff & the entire community.

Get Involved

To make our mission a success, we need your help!


The KCE PTO thrives best when families are engaged.

We are so grateful to have dedicated parents and community volunteers, and are always looking for new volunteers to fill the large need. No matter how much time you have, we have a spot for you!

Parking at Keene's

Be kind and respectful to our Summerport neighbors!


 Please do not block alleys or driveways, pickup/drop-off in driveways or park in No Parking zones, and do adhere to posted speed limits and Crossing Guard directions.

MANY of our students walk to school, so please keep sidewalks clear of golf carts.   If utilizing a golf cart, please do not park on POA owned parks or drive across residential properties. 

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We LOVE Our PTO Sponsors!

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